About federico

Born in La Spezia on 15 June 1991, Federico Carro grew up in Vernazza, surrounded by the radiant nature of those places, spending his time immersed in the landscape of the sea and the hills, drawing and painting landscapes, drawing inspiration for his subsequent works. At the elementary he knows what will become his childhood friend, then he enrolled at the Cardarelli Artistic Lyceum of La Spezia, where his artistic side emerges more and more, revealing his interest in the world of writing. Shortly thereafter he writes the draft of his first novel which he will publish later titling it: “Il segreto del verziere”. Towards the beginning of last year of the school, her childhood friend was the victim of an accident, an event that changed the artist’s course, pushing him to focus mainly on the music world. On that incident he writes a poem dedicated to her, which will then become a song and which will give the title to his first album which will be titled: “Come un lampo”. One day he meets a girl from Turin, for whom he decides to visit her. Turning together for the city, he take inspiration for his second novel: “The king of light the order of the dark gods”.