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Film script

The film script by Federico Carrro created in collaboration with Alessio Ciancianaini is the first screenplay of the artist, inspired and translated into English by the one written in Italian. The film’s screenplay tells the story of Fedrick in his second novel and the first book in the fantasy trilogy: “The King of Light”. So the plot begins in Turin, something different from the novel: “the king of light the order of the dark gods” the plot of the film begins a year before the story told by the author. Fedrick and Isabel cross each other during one of the strenuous training sessions of the protagonist, to which one of his superiors warns him of an imminent battle in Jerusalem, seeing that same evening, Fedrick and Isabel promise to see each other after the war in the Holy Land. The following year takes up the story of the novel, but there will be changes in the screenplay for film reasons. Some events have been eliminated, others modified to better follow the plot of a possible film.

The king of light the order of the dark gods

Il segreto del verziere

Second screenplay in italian written by Federico Carro which tells the story of his first novel: “Il segreto del verziere”:

Federico Carro second film script based on his first book:

Federico Carro