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Below the list of all the characters of the novel from the main to the secondary:


Fedrick and Isabel’s daughter is a flesh soul that has yet to exist and be born in the present


He is one of the elders of Frekar’s council and head of the planet of the next future Verlocke


It is Mener’s magic snake-shaped scepter that comes alive and has its own life


He is one of the elders of Frekar’s council

Master of chaos

A sleeping being who with the rise of the Dark Master’s power has awakened and is now a faithful subject of Dar Queen


He is one of the elders of Frekar’s council


He is one of the elders of Frekar’s council

Head of the Tuc

It is the head of the Tuc tribe and the undisputed head of the hair of the moth where they live


A being composed of the intergalactic rubble that, with the passage of the Leviathan army and the strength of Dar Queen comes to life


She is the undisputed leader of the planet Greine as well as the leader of the Cuardaigh warriors


She is the strongest warrior of the Cuardaigh order who accompanies Fedrick to become stronger to dominate the natural elements


Safira’s father was the best of the Cuardaigh warrior tribe now in the hands of Amala


Right arm and butler of  Ziljaran


Head of the hidden planet in the center of Hiundervan


A man made up entirely of star rubies and rocks, he is a soul that is recomposed in pieces with the earth


It is a huge being is the surrounding environment, it is air, rain, earth … it is the planet itself that lives and breathes


Musician and singer, he travels with a barrel organ to guard the ancient planet of Sirden

Heart of Sirden

The heart of the planet Sirden and the girlfriend of the planet in the form of a woman – soul


The leader and the strongest exponent of the planet Darken and of the dark knights that he controls himself


The legendary Leviathan which is made up of the elementary planets


Absolute leader of the evil of the planet Zavarhat and of the order of Thaikureta


Ice lord of the planet Zavarhat


Lord of fire of the planet Zavarhat

Black angel of death

Being that at the unrolling of the papyrus placed in the wooden column he goes to take the dead soul and carries it in front of  Syslomaour


Being in the service of Syslomaour


The judge of souls in the service of the Creator and undisputed head of souls and the planet of judgment and destiny

Federico Carro