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In a world surrounded by hatred, destruction, and a general disinterest for life, how can love prevail on such a darkness full of rancour? But before dealing with this subject, it’s necessary to understand what love means. So, what is love? A sweet feeling that touches the divine, the supreme feeling, the most joyful and harmonious emotion a living being could ever experience. A feeling that can emerge to create an eternal bond, so strong and powerful that it doesnt break through time and storms. That’s what happened to Fedrick and Isabel in Turin. By chance or because of a twist of the fate, their relationship blossomed into pure love. They were separated by reason of a future battle to take place in Jerusalem, but the night before the battle, Fedrick reached the Holy Sepulchre, finding a mysterious stone that fell to the ground, and breaking into pieces blew out an evil entity. Catapulted in a timeline different from his, Fedrick decided to return to his hometown Turin, unaware that now it was the capital of a Forbidden Empire where no one was allowed to enter without permission. Among thousands of spells, subterfuges, bizarre characters and particular situations, Fedrick ventures on his journey, meeting new characters that will join his ideal, and as many enemies that will hinder it. After the fight that saw the whole world against dark gods forces and their disciples, Fedrick, during the final clash that saw him against the evil Dar Queen, the chief of the dark order that rules over every life on earth, is flinged away, beyond the edges of the galaxy. After Dar Queen’s victory over the whole human race, he decides to advance, along with the Solar System’s Leviathan and, together with him, within his plans and towards an unknown destination. Meanwhile Fedrick lands, defeated, in the world of Verlocke, the future world in his timeline. Awaken in front of his daughter Luce, she gets kidnapped and taken to the edge of the dimension created by the Master of chaos. Determined more than ever to take back what belongs to him, Fedrick recollects his strenght, and decides he will stand tall against everything he will have to face along the arduous path the will lead him to Luce, trying to save Isabel and to defeat the powerful Dar Queen. On his journey he will come across a new world subjugated by the treacherous Ollovar, who Fedrick trying to face him, an immense light in the middle of the battle will throw him into the six elementary planets. Trying to learn to better use the Silfurhiaga, a divine sword found in the meanders of Turin, the crusader will start facing ever-increasing challenges, up to awaken the mighty Zamrud, legendary Leviathan under the yoke of Dar Queen. A surprise awaits Fedrick after the clash over Zavarhat, finally finding himself in the planet of judgment and destiny, where fate awaits with its decisions in the life of every living being. In the meantime, whole galaxies scattered across the universe are creating the Leviathan army, which is all moving towards a massive obscure vortex, previously crossed by Dar Queen himself….


Federico Carro