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Order and tribes

Below the list of all the order and tribes of the novel from the main to the secondary:

Council of Frekar

Council made up of four elders who rule the four worlds of the future who wander across bridges over the planet of Dar Queen

Skuggar tribe

Shadow beings who manage to burn their opponents with their powers

Kurbit warriors

Humanoid beings serving the Master of chaos

Tuc tribe

Humanoid beings with wings and with the appearance of toucans

Leviathan army

Dar Queen’s army which includes entire galaxies under his power. Such Leviathans are composed of planets with star wings

Cuardaigh warriors

Fighting fawns that they manage the planet Greine

Dark army

Army of the planet of Darken managed by Kematian with powers dictated by darkness

Order of Thaikureta

An order of dark magicians managed by Vajarn who make good and bad weather on the planet of Zavarhat

Federico Carro