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Below the list of all the beasts of the novel from the main to the secondary:

Giraffes – tigers

Beings made up of giraffes and tigers attacking Fedrick in the desert

Working ants

Humans transformed into ants and enslaved by King Alkor in Gaza

Black beetles

Flying beetles carrying heavy goods from city to city

Stone guards

Stone beings that are revitalized by King Alkor to defend him from rebel attacks in Gaza


A giant plant created by the beard of King Alkor that attacks the rebels in Gaza

Whales – ships

Huge whales used as ships that can even transport a city


The only dragon made of diamond that, as legend tells, clashed against the powerful Kinsguard, losing his life

Jackal archers

Jackal archers aiming at invaders in their lands with rain of dark arrows


Steinbocks that protect the vestiges of Lyjos in the clouds


Stone beings attacking ibexes on clouds


A being like a marsupial with quadruped legs and white tigers surrounded by electric shocks

Zebra – giraffe

A zebra giraffe casually appearing within the world of King Lenoire


A gigantic being composed of the body of planets where its wings are an agglomeration of stars

Federico Carro