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Order and tribes

Below the list of all the order and tribes of the novel from the main to the secondary:


knights of Christian order

Laog warriors

Trained warriors who protect Bethlehem

Inhabitants of the Sefur forest

Inhabitants victims of a spell that turn into trees during the day and into peculiar and bizarre beings at night


Civilians held in jail for fun of King Alkor

Soldiers of King Alkor

Soldiers from King Alkor’s army protecting Gaza

Enchanted people

People enchanted by a spell destined to work tirelessly without stopping even to drink and eat

Knights of emperor Kinsguard

Selected and very powerful soldiers who also include knights on the backs of black and winged horses

Hypnotized people

People hypnotized by Salazhar destined for suicide

Army of Leive

An army made of lava and rock armor that defends the boundaries of the forbidden empire

Beings of Fuar

Ice and snow beings that melt literally if you compliment them, reintegrate themselves through the coldness of human gestures

Hilgarf army

Army of King Hilgar who dominate all the lands of Leniac

Taurine army

Army dominated by Zakro, beings killed and tortured by the emperor and brought back to life as an army

Army of Radamantio

An army from Prague, an army with very high magical and defensive qualities

knights of Lefi

Army of the Dark Master, very powerful and magical beings

Jehrais army

An army from Lyon, an army with very high magical and defensive qualities

Order of the dark gods

The order of the dark gods which includes three entities under them an emperor and two kings who stand under the whole world

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