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Below are some artworks created by Gabriele D’aleo, for which he collaborates and takes care of the part of Federico Carro’s musical and literary artworks. These images depict moments in the novel that, below, are shown a couple:


The doors of the castle: The army led by Jehrais before the gates of the castle of Emperor Kinsguard.

The Dragamantio: The only dragon made of diamond that, as legend tells, clashed against the powerful Kinsguard, losing his life

The celestial master: The celestial master appears to prevent the advance of Fedrick and Radamantio.

Zefier trees: Fedrick and Fleyrd before the Zefier trees, inside the Dravite forest.

General Madow: General Madow on the spire of the Mole Antonelliana, in the capital of the forbidden empire: Turin.

Federico Carro