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Book trailer

The book trailer of “The king of light the order of the dark gods” was made in Turin with the director and friend and collaborator of Federico Carro: Alessio Ciancianaini. In the video some areas of the aforementioned city have been taken over, for which the author was able to see during his first visit. With a few dynamic movements, the director gives the viewer the opportunity to admire the city, which the scenes that remain static, take part of the plot of the aforementioned novel, The viewer can observe the approach of the images created at Superga, the castle of Stupinigi, then slowly enter from the bridge of San Mauro to the center, trying to resume the most beautiful ideas of the city so magical and archaic, thus giving an aura of mystery and suspense. The track: “The king of light” was created by Federico Carro specifically for the book trailer.

Federico Carro