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In a world surrounded by hatred, destruction, and a general disinterest for life, how can love prevail on such a darkness full of rancour? But before dealing with this subject, it’s necessary to understand what love means. So, what is love? A sweet feeling that touches the divine, the supreme feeling, the most joyful and harmonious emotion a living being could ever experience. A feeling that can emerge to create an eternal bond, so strong and powerful that it doesnt break through time and storms.

That’s what happened to Fedrick and Isabel in Turin. By chance or because of a twist of the fate, their relationship blossomed into pure love. They were separated by reason of a future battle to take place in Jerusalem, but the night before the battle, Fedrick reached the Holy Sepulchre, finding a mysterious stone that fell to the ground, and breaking into pieces blew out an evil entity. Catapulted in a timeline different from his, Fedrick decided to return to his hometown Turin, unaware that now it was the capital of a Forbidden Empire where no one was allowed to enter without permission. Among thousands of spells, subterfuges, bizarre characters and particular situations, Fedrick ventures on his journey, meeting new characters that will join his ideal, and as many enemies that will hinder it.

As he approaches his goal more and more, the impediments will increase as the love he feels for his Isabel. During his journey, he will try to save and solve problems that will temporarily divert him from his purpose, finally succeeding in entering the Forbidden Empire. All his way to Turin, will be proven to be a challenge to the divine or, to say, to a divine Order of Dark Gods who govern the world, a conflict necessary to have his love back that almost becomes a love forbidden from destiny. Will Fedrick manage to get to Turin to his Isabel?

During the final period of the first Crusade to conquer Jerusalem, a crusader named Fedrick secretly reaches the Holy Sepulchre, finding a mysterious stone. Breaking it by chance, Fedrick will free a wicked entity that will take him into a parallel universe. Forgetting about the battle, the protagonist decides to sneak in a world full of pitfalls, characters, events, bizarre twists and details, manoeuvred by an obscure Order of Gods. All this, in the effort to reach his greatest love, Isabel, in Turin.

But what Fedrick ignores is that Turin is the capital of a Forbidden Empire, where no one is allowed to enter, not even the Dark Gods. Knowing many allies who will join his ideal, as emperors and kings of evil that will overshadow his path, Fedrick will have to face a world full of pitfalls and particular characters. A long journey that will start from the doors of the now inexistent Jerusalem, reaching Bethlehem, a place full of lions warriors of the lineage of Laog, who together with Ker the forest of Sefur, will come across King Alagar who holds in his fist the fate of the people local. Continuing the journey to the gates of Gaza, they will face the evil that lies within the aforementioned kingdom, Fedrick will gather all the people of the place deploying them against King Alkor, right-hand man of Emperor Kinsguard, where after the king’s defeat in question it decides to take the field himself. Fedrick, starting from Gaza with a whale ship, decides to venture with hundreds of people to his charge inside the forbidden empire, but the emperor Kinsguard with his power, makes him change direction within his empire Endland. After various vicissitudes inside the capital of Zaros, now no longer under the control of the emperor, the order of the dark gods begins to stagger under the name of Fedrick who tries to venture into the capital of evil: Turin.What hides in Turin, therefore, will change everybody’s destiny. What will Fedrick face in his path towards his Isabel? Who is the entity that came out of the stone? What lies in the Forbidden Empire?


Federico Carro