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The other side of the artist

Federico Carro it’s also a composer and songwriter, here below you can watch his discography:

Come un lampo:

The album “Come un lampo” born of a tragic accident of a childhood friend of the artist, where Federico Carro will strongly change his life.

The song and then the album “Come un lampo” was born after an accident by a childhood friend of the artist who will change its existence. The singer – songwriter Federico Carro, managing to put aside the money working for his uncle manager of a bar – restaurant in Vernazza, will be able to take private lessons and piano lessons, managing to compose and write his album, dedicated to his friend prematurely disappeared.

Below you will find the first video clip made in Vernazza, entitled: “Come un lampo”. The video resumes certain areas of Vernazza and above the mountains of La Spezia, for which it refers to the memories that escape from a past life that returns to the mind of the author. The atmosphere of the sea and the mountains that surround the landscape is the result of the memory of his childhood friend who returns in the meanders of the waves and the breath of the landscape.

The second video clip: “Lovely storm”, tells of a love story that turns into a storm through love and emotions that surround the whole scenario of the video, for which the performers (where there is the author himself!) go around together and then try the dance near a beach. The shots were made in Vernazza, Lerici and Tellaro.

The third video clip: “Replace my soul” tells through a live a love story ended badly, where the girl in question follows the author in his daily life as if he were next to him as a “spectrum”, where it appears and he disappears as if he were facing him without wanting to let him go. The shots were filmed in the streets and inside the “Swamp club” in Carrara.

The fourth video made by Federico sees his first collaboration with Alessio Ciancianaini with their first video together called: “Brucerei il fuoco per te”. The video in question is a video Lyrics that reveals itself to the public with warm and frenetic colors such as the song itself, which being rhythmic, tells that to return with his love would drown the sea, stifle the air and burn the fire.

The fifth and last video about the first album by Federico, is a video video entitled: “Languido rimorso”. A video with a cold tone and a slow but melancholic rhythm, completely opposite to the previous one: “Brucerei il fuoco per te”.


Below you will find the first video clip of the author from his second album which is presented with electro-pop-funk sounds enriched by a light suffused and nostalgic blues to describe a casual encounter from which springs a sweet and enveloping love. Federico tells the story of a casual meeting in the street with a girl who, by the hand of fate, will meet again on the other side. The mutual feeling explodes with the song, with the two protagonists who immediately start talking and end up dancing together as if they knew each other for a lifetime. “Starlight” takes its cue from the real experience of the singer-songwriter with a Canadian girl: just as in the song, from a meeting dictated by chance born a relationship of strong shared feelings. The video, shot in the streets of New York, shows a veil of nostalgia mixed with a particular and well-defined groove of electro-pop-funk that stands out the desire to dance, but also the desire to meet with that girl in the same place and relive the relationship generated there together. Turning between Wall Street, near the Brooklin Bridge, and then moving to Central Park in the most diverse streets, Federico expresses the value of love circumscribed by an atmosphere that recalls with its sounds the sea, the stars and the moon in an unforgettable day that, while not waiting for the evening, intends to make that feeling shareable at all hours of the day, as if to remind us that the sweet dance of love can be felt at any time. With its fast pace, “Starlight” becomes the tender memory of a sweet and enveloping evening under a starry sky in a magical and timeless night.

On the other hand, the second video clip: “Looking for pain”, singer apart, sees the young Bolognese actress Alessandra Nardella as the performer. The idea behind the video comes from the very atmosphere of the song, melancholic and that focuses on feelings related to inner restlessness; the visual metaphor rests on both daily places, an apartment but semi-bare and aseptic, and more anomalous, like abandoned rooms, ruined, gray and faded, as if to recall a moment of inner chaos, during which this research (“looking for pain “) does not have a precise direction and is confusing. Perhaps, doubt will remain at the end of the video, not productive.

The third video clip: “Rising flame” looks like a song that is very reminiscent of the rocking sounds of the 80s readjusted with modern elements. From the strong influences Depeche Mode, Rising Flame tells how we should not stop before the obstacles, as the desire to overcome them can only come from a strong determination that grows like a race car. The video was shot at the beginning of November, filming took place on the seafront of Viareggio and in some locations in the province of La Spezia. Production and direction were taken care of by Alessio Ciancianaini, a Ligurian director who made use of the collaboration of a local staff of professionals. Apart from the singer, the video sees the collaboration of the young model spezzina Giulia Casalini. The idea behind the product comes from the atmosphere of the song, strongly indebted to the typical sounds of the 80s. The colors, the costumes, the objects and the environments have been chosen and prepared to evoke these “landscapes”, without any desire to faithfully replicate the period, but trying to recall it through these elements and to pay homage to it in a deliberately loaded way. The metaphor object of the text of the song then inspired the mood all focused on the automobile world, as if to create a link between the growing passion and all that can come from engines, speed and car bodies.

Federico Carro