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Card game project

Upon request Federico Carro can exhibit his project of collectible and playable cards through a table board created by him with rules and instruction booklet and fifty cards created by him with his design. Furthermore, this game is one of its inventives such as the style, the character of the cards, the rules and everything that follows. The cards move through a battlefield, however the rules can be confused with the effects of many cards such as natural elements or certain Zones, also the players have characters or beasts to control by participating in a real war on a battlefield that can always change game. Below is an example created by Federico Carro on a possible design of the box containing the game inside, a display board, card holders to make the cards slide better and the instruction booklet. The cards would be sold separately because they can be collected or played together with the board shown below. If anyone is interested in the collaboration at birth for this project, contact the author at the e-mail address:

Federico Carro