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Below the list of all the characters of the novel from the main to the secondary:


It is the main protagonist together with Virtuoso, a mysterious peasant repudiated by all the villagers


The ruthless captain of the village harbor, a being who inspires fear among his subordinates with a gun


The parish priest of the village, a very faithful and good man with a dark past behind him


Head of a vessel that arrives in the village by losing his crew through a mysterious voice


Right arm of the parish priest Michele is a very curious and good-natured man who, however, offers him more than he can ever receive


One of the particular doctors of the village who for some strange mysterious reason does not cure patients by neglecting them totally


A girl who simply sells fertilizer in the novel, but who actually shows herself for what she really is in the film script


Corcelsio’s wife who secretly unaware of everyone meets another man on the river bank


Son found and adopted by Corcelsio and Dalia, a boy with a strong temperament on justice


Efrén’s friend was persuaded by him to secretly attend Dalia


One of the patients of the village hospital who desperately screaming in excruciating pain instead of helping him stun him by taking him away


Also called the town’s storyteller is the man who tells of the monarchy who lived years ago in Virtuoso

Prince Lejack

Prince of an ancient kingdom that was, he was the last monarch before erasing his kingdom forever from history


Lenoire’s wife and queen of the ancient kingdom, she died prematurely leaving a furrow in the heart of her husband and kingdom


Rodoni’s daughter is a very fearful and very sensitive child

Michele (child)

Michele as a child while telling his secret past to Virtuoso


Michele’s childhood friend mysteriously disappeared in the middle of a storm together with the earnings that were about to capture him


A great working man who secretly and alone with his own strength builds a house daily to surprise his family


Son of Brando and brother of Frediano and Violanda, he is a man with little patience and few words


Son of Brando and brother of Rodoni and Violanda is a man who has lost his mental clarity with the death of his girlfriend Aloara


Caldero’s daughter falls in love with Fiordilisio at first sight


A very poor but very rich man in hearth who sings and makes the whole country move in tears


An innkeeper who keeps a fine bottle of wine in Corcelsio for some time


Brother but only by Corcelsio’s father, zeno loses his head after the famous fire in their childhood


Virtuoso’s childhood friend who barely sees him arrests him for murder


The judge present in the courtroom for Virtuoso’s judgment


Mysterious man who takes the blame for the murder instead of Virtuoso

False medic

An ambiguous and mysterious being who pretends to be a doctor despite the golden tribal symbols that decorate him in his skin


A mysterious woman who tries to prevent Fausto’s public execution


Mayor of the country opens the public execution ceremony and the message of Fiordilisio to the people


Mother of Zeno is a very mysterious and dark woman who plots revenge on Corcelsio


Ademaro’s father who for some obscure reason survived a fall of a waterfall … will it be true?


Village blacksmith and Aillen’s father lived a romantic story with his wife Violanda before the sad event


Frediano’s girlfriend where his sad story is linked by a rose donated by a mysterious individual


Caldero’s fiancée and later wife lived a difficult love story prevented by his father and brothers


Man chosen by Brando for his daughter Violanda for whom he has always been rejected by the girl


Father of Violanda, Frediano and Rodoni with a strong mentality and of other times

Aillen (child)

Aillen as a child during the father’s story about his mother and his missing brother


Sister of Prince Lejack and daughter of Leblanc and Lenoire continually attracted attention to all the men of the kingdom to satisfy his hidden desires

Being supernatural

Being supernatural with essence outside of human conception surrounded by a silver and terrifying aura

Federico Carro